waking up

It’s so exciting to see that so many people in the world are waking up to the Old Ways of doing things  The world was going to hell really quickly .

I know its being along time coming and I know that this is by far

Not the end for the state of mankind .

If anything its going to bring in the

new era of universal understanding to the greatness of the human race .

Lets stop for a moment and take the time to appreciate what it takes for a

human being to exist .

Our bodies are an amazing piece of biogenetic machinery . We were clearly

created by something amazing I could not quantify in words how smart a

being would have to be to even imagine the manner in which to design the

human body.

All I can say is “God our creator is really really fuckin smart”

which leads me to believe that he is truly as great as i think he is .

And most assuredly greater than I know he is.

Our brain is a complex set of neural pathways that work on many

variance of functions with frequency variations off mathematical equations

even the combined minds of all the genius’s in all of time would still have

trouble getting there minds around that equation .

And then there’s on to receptors that are triggered by a perfect amount chemical

mixed with the perfect amount of electric charge that then converts to a feeling

or thought process .

These require a thing called neurotransmitters that work in the same manner in

the body .

These signals get sent in tiny tight little packages down things called

neural pathways which are a spatial vacuum sealed cable of sorts .

neurologicalpathways in the humain brain, theses are the pathways that our thoughts travel
neurological pathways in the human brain .

And I know I probably sound like I’m talking about a robot or a computer, well

I guess in the best terms we are a bit like a home pc just in an extremely

potent version .

The speed that our brains can process information, is more powerful that all of

googles acres of server towers combined .

And ours only take a small amount  of space and energy for function.

As to understanding the actual attributes of its function and usability is a

question of accessibility . Unfortunately we didn’t

get the access point to the user manual .

Its all trial and error .

Sometimes it works sometimes

it doesn’t . And of course there is the what

works for me probably will not work for you


we do how ever have a head up display and a

Wi-Fi system …..

yes I think I said that right ..

in or neuron set of receptors and transmitters we

have these cool little things called mirror neurons

and they are all over our  premotor cortex

frontal lobe and visual audio cortex . And that’s

just to state a few . www.google.com/mirror neurons . Its a big study and I

cant name one paper that says it the most and best to explain it to you . But

google is awesome for research .

Just ask the question precisely and as a rule I tend to

put PDF at the end of my refined search question

as that allows a

quick easy overall of study’s and papers on that singular subject . Then its easy

to read on your preferred data device with ease . Me I’m a little old school on

that and really should be accountable for the amount of paper I use as I prefer

to print off the PDF that may be 300 pages or 5 depending on the in-depth

study I just scooped off the net . .

as for the wifi to the brain these mirror neurons are what is infract the device

that works with our empathic function .

The strongest to understand the use and function to these attributes of the

human being are infract the spiritualist community . The fact that a large

majority of them including myself are considered to have high functioning

empathic ability’s . Some have studied this as I have through having trainers

over the years . One of my best friends and teachers Gary was considered one

of the most Intune in his circle . He sadly passed but his time on this earth

was finished and all that he was will never be forgotten so even in death he is

still able to give me a sort of intuitive knowledge and understanding . I have

had a few other teachers over the years.

I find that once you feel the direction to find your own pathway

Its easy to then find your way along your path.




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