Universal Law

The laws of the universe are final like 1+1 =2

There’s no other way to get around it except ┬áTo understand and respect the laws that are set for us .

The law of gravity is one that is a planetary Law that only applies to this planet .

If I was to jump of a 20 story building on the moon where the gravitational pull is 1.622 M/S2

meaning It wouldn’t be likely, To have to scrape me off the foot path .

How ever if I was to do the same thing on earth 9.807 M/S2 .

Maybe not so lucky .

The universal laws apply to all things in the universe .

Including us little humans .

The law that we will be looking at in this session is the law of Energy Transformation .

This I usay refer to Negative and positive thought pattern to self as it gives more of a visual

understanding of it.

This is a clear and present law that is far above us

It’s far above the Illuminati and all the other Gremlins that think this planet is for the taking .

Its a law that will make you or break you .

Well its not the law nor the law maker that does the making or breaking it is In-fact YOU .

This is what the law states .

In Every Waking Moment we are creating and altering our lives

Where present situation and future Is and And Will be a Product of our Thoughts

Our visualizations , Intentions, Emotions , Feelings , Beleavs, Attitudes,

Expectations And what we will ( or will not )

allow to experience shapes us .

Energy Transmutation is the ability to say

Meditation is one of the easyest ways to conect to your life path .
Meditation connects you to the spirit
  • I can do this .
  • I am strong
  • I am human
  • And all is my family

I was listening to an interview of Jim Carry today .

Watch his stuff on You tube .

Its awesome , That brother is awake in a big way .

And one of the things he said in his interview was about the reason that we are here.

Its the same as what Jesus teaches in the bible .

Love yourself


Love others as-so you

Love yourself .

I myself have had many people telling me that I have tickets on my self .

I used to tell them im selling gold tickets on Ebay .

But hurry up I may buy some more for myself .

I would like to point out that I always aspire to love others as I love self .

Sometimes its easier to love others and not love self at all .

But the Universal law of balance will cover this one more .

The law of transmutation is quite basic to understand . Its about push pull energy in self .

What we do or think or feel . Truly does effect how our choices and perceptions.

That most defiantly will effect us later in our relationships and every ware in our lives .

Including Basic body image .

Because u think you look silly in that dress but had nothing else to wear so you wear that dress


All your friends and especially that guy that really likes you (but has his own self conscious issues) thinks you look fantastic in it .

  • But you Choose to not listen
  • You stay in your own head .
  • You look silly .
  • Your a clown in A frumpy dress .
  • Your grumpy and not having fun .
  • Next thing you know your home alone sad because your night was crap .
  • And its never your fault .

We are not good at accepting blame as humans .

Now what if

  • You listened to your friends .
  • Had some believe in others
  • You didn’t let your own thoughts and lies to self fool you .

What if

you had have being confident in self enough to know that no mater what our friends love us for the

person we are .

Its usually our own self that taints our own feelings on the situation at hand

When you learn to love self

you learn to love others more

The more that you love others the more others are able to love you

This allows others love you more

Intern you find the ability to love your self more.


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