The Initial Connection

Meditation is one of the most important parts creating the Initial Connection

But im not going to chuck you in the deep end and tell you that you must meditate daily because i do.

In fact you would be interested to know that most people meditate daily any way Including You. Most don’t know that they are even doing it because they are not meditating in the proper “experienced manner” but still its there. So today we will talk about how to understand what meditation is.

There are four rules to understanding.
  • Unconscious Incompetence: if we close our eyes and see random images of random thought process’s.
  • This is what stage most people are at. There’s something there, but no knowledge around the subject is there. “If they knew that they knew nothing, They would at least know something”.
  • Conscious Incompetence: This is the stage that im sure if your doing this particular lesson plan you are at, or been through already. You are aware that there is something going on. Obviously you can control it. But how?
  • Conscious Competence: At this stage you are at a level that you are aware of your spiritual self and are having interactions. Your third eye and WI-FI are coming in well. And you’re starting to feel that you can win this race
  • Unconscious Competence: Congratulations you’re now a person in connection with spirit and self as a unified being. You have learned how to listen to your instincts, you follow your heart , and most of all you feel like you are on the road of your life’s path. And heading up that path means that you are winning the race. “And yes you do get signs to say that you are traveling well. I always see the triple numbers.

In this lesson i want to work with the understanding that you are at stage 2. So the first thing you will need to do is find your head phones and music. Must be something to relax to. But your relax. “I relax to Keith Green.” The next step is to lay comfortable on your bed with your music in your ears loud enough to block out the world but quiet enough to hear your own thoughts, and lay there and listen to your inner self. and also the holy spirit . as this is what is the one that keeps us on the correct path.

As i said, we all do this regularly. I spent many teenage years laying on my bed listening to tunes and letting images flicker in my minds eye.

That is what we are intending on achieving in this.

“We have over one thousand random thoughts punching throughout our mind at any given moment. So the first thing we must do is learn how to bring one single thought process forward.

Give it the stage and let it give you a show.

Most people get a degree of mental images at any given time Say Blue waffle around me and i get a very detailed but extremely disturbing picture in my mind “ and not just for a second for a while.

“I will let u know when this time has past”

I know its hard to slow down your mind and catch a single thought process to view, but we aren’t target shooting here, and speed of thought is the fastest moving form of energy known to man kind.

So happy hunting. It does take some time to grab one but once you grab one and don’t get too excited and drop it by accident. (Yes, i have on plenty of occasions ) you will then start to hold it and view it easily.


When we relax, we open to self.

Self has always been there.

Its just we need to learn to listen and see,

and when we learn to listen and see,

we find out that we all have our own

little me.



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