Removing Negative Aspects

Removing negative aspects

Removing negative aspects in our lives isn’t as easy as it sounds.

 Some need to remove friends.

 Some family members.

 Remember negative influences don’t just mean drugs or music.

 Half the things I claim as most negative are people. They can have expectations that are not yours, while still having them about you.

 I find that family are the biggest negative influence on our lives.

For whatever reason they may have to be that way.

removal of negative energy is a must in the new and better way of living
removal of negative energy is a must in the new and better way of living


 Some may be purely by expectation.

 A lot of parents have hopes and dreams for their children.

 “Then when the kids don’t live up to those expectations. Parents can become malicious in the manner in which the deal with their children.

 During and after the fact.”

 Mainly due to their own selfish reasons.

Maybe their child didn’t become a lawyer or doctor. While they had high expectations for them to become one.

The parents tend to have lack of respect for the major fact.

That their child may not be the lawyer or doctor.

But they are happy.

I’m pleased to say that my parents had no such expectations of me.

as I grew up.  this allowed freedom.

I’m sure they went proud of what I did become at stages, but as I ventured into fatherhood I found that my parents did have a lot of respect for what I was doing as a father.

 And funnily enough that at this stage in my life, This was all I had really aspired for.

 That and having fun with life.

 Now I have a few goals

I’m working on achieving them.

But first I had to do Somethings before I started them.

I find we are all very much like this in our own little ways.

My major goals in life.

 were to enjoy life.

With a massive need to understand what it is to live life.

To have great children that I get to see walk, talk for the first times.

Then every other bench mark in between.

My youngest is 7 so I’m now into starting into the second stage of my life.

 And that’s becoming all I can be.

 During the time that I hung out with my kids and enjoyed parenting.

I found myself.

Too many of us loose ourselves in work and other society created expectations of what we should be doing.

 That is why we don’t have any fun in life.

We are faking out on living it.

 You can’t live with the expectations. that I have for myself in my life.

 They just don’t fit your personality.

 We must achieve greatness,

 Through the understanding of our own expectations unto self.

 As soon as the people in your life, begin to see that you are winning in your own game of life.

 They tend to stop superimposing their ideologies upon your life.

Sometimes it’s the hardest part of being parents.

I know mothers try that cry baby crap often. I have seen it done on so many occasions.

 I’m pleased that my mum kind of let me out the nest early.

 Pretty much with a ruck sack and a kiss on the forehead.

 That is parenting.

 We teach our kids the right way.

That way when we can send them out into the world.

 Our children find it easier to make their own way through life.

 Sometimes they need their old room back for a time being.

But that’s usually short lived if you do it right.

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