Looking behind our Masks

In this last part of this week we will be looking behind our mask, and hopefully starting to remove the

mask that we all have. This mask is what most people wear to hide our true self away from society .

Its sad really there are so many wonderful people out there that hide behind the mask that

they don’t truly know there true self .

This is where it gets a little problematic .

If you don’t understand yourself You tend to hate self

and that creates a slippery slope

Now a slippery slope is a horrible thing it starts with an action .

It could be as tiny as saying the wrong thing in the wrong place out of self misunderstanding.

This situation tends to arise around family or friends , When stressed and not feeling

Noticed .

So we say the wrong thing because we perceive something taken out a context .

So we bite .

This singular bite is the tipping point to the slippery slope of that situation .

There are many more kinds to many to note .

What im pointing out if we don’t truly uncover self and get to know self .

It will only be your enemy .

If we don’t listen to the good things and only hear the bad things .

I don’t advise ripping the mask off .

there is ugly that we as humans hide behind our personal mask
there is ugly that we as humans hide behind our personal mask

Nore do I advise leaving it on .

We must remove it but carefully .

Remember this thing can be like the lid of Your Pandora’s Box .

So don’t rip it off . But peak .

Look and understand what you see .

At first you may not like the thing looking back at you .

Just like with The Mirror Method but give it time and understand it .

Know that those who truly walk there path have had to face the ugly truths of self also .

I know I have . I don’t state this often . But when I asked the biggest question of all in that period

Am I a good person that enjoys some bad things

Am I a bad person trying to be good .

I came to the understanding that I am human .

Unique but one of the same .

I am good and I enjoy doing good things .

But I can be bad because some bad things I find exhilarating .

Not like missing bullets flying past my head bad .

Im not crazy

But riding a fast bikes through the bush at break neck speeds .

The rush of life .

I have walked out on a thing at the Grampians in Victoria Australia .

Called the nerve tester .

Climbed impossible rock faces with out a rope

We live a crazy sort of life with ups and downs .

These days most of us walk away hurt and like we missed our moment .

I look at the elderly and they all look grumpy sad or angry at all us young people .

Like we squander our talents and act the fool,

Then don’t succeed .

Allot of the ones that look like that are the sad lonely elderly that fell into the same trap .

And I wounder is it because they see us doing the same .

Because if I don’t really stand up now and make my mark on this planet and do what i’m

supposed to do .

I’m afraid that I may end up like them also .

Of course wakeup.net.au is my moment I feel . And thats why even though I feel like life is

getting me down I push .

And so must you .

Look behind the mask .

I know its scary and no one likes what they see .

But you will survive and you will understand that what we see is the true self .

We remove the mask understanding that the things we see behind

We can also change .

This is us .

And we can fix it .

To make  a better us .

Its our roll in this life to clear Away the bad . And Bring forward the Great

For we are human .

And our mask Is not Needed

 When you are True to Self

we are Also True to Others ..


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