Energy Transference

The act of energy transference is a concept that I find is easy to understand .

When we talk to a person our mirror neurons are active in a

high value .

We are picking up on so many different things at the same time

that some times its hard to keep up with a conversation .

When we listen to a person

energy transferance between 2 people happen when they converse
This is what energy transference between two people when they have a conversation

Energy is transferred to the other person and We start to open to

There words and feelings on the

subject .

Once you are open to them you begin to embrace what they say

and give of positive energy .

This is if you like what they say.

If you don’t chances are you are going to start exuding negative energy .

We do this on a regular occasion and its OK to not like a subject .

But there are people that like to feed off negative energy . These people are called energy vampires .

Most of them are aware of what they do to a degree.

I believe the truly despicable ones know exactly what they are doing .

They use many things like

Hooking . This is the act of applying hooks into people with words or actions of installable

manner . They limbed a hook and can hold a connection to you for an undetermined time

Conversation vampirism. These are the kind that will dominate a conversation one on

one and do there best to make you feel lower than the bottom of there foot just so u need

them more. And hang on there attention more and more .

Narcissism. Yes this Is the most common kind of vamperism . They use the push pull

sequence and the victim stance on every occasion . They tend to pray on Empath s . As

Empath s feel there emotions easy and are very giving types. Most narcissist misconstrue an

empaths kindness for weakness.

But if you still think you are weak . Then you haven’t met the warrior in you Yet!.

Bully these are a younger version and they relay donot know what they are doing . But also

the best time to curb there horrible ways ,Before they work it out .

Adult bullies are just young bullies that still haven’t grown up.

The best thing to do to stop these types from ever being a problem is to Ground yourself


  • White light yourself regularly .
  • And put on the armour of God.
  • These are our spiritual shielding .

This will protect you from others energies where ever you go .

I find it helps me keep mine in unless I am having a conversation and want the ebb and

flow between us .

Its nice to do . Just best to be protective of self . First and foremost ( I know thats a big Ask

so Pretty Please . We are better when we are not controlled by others ).

As an empath we find that many travel along the path with us ,

Most are the type that need our Guidance in some way shape or form .

  • Some are there to test us
  • Some are there to teach us .
  • But very few stay with us forever .

This is something we must learn and understand to save our selves from being hurt . Or per

emitting being hurt and putting up barriers before we even connect with anybody .

This is things like walls . I don’t know what variation of visual content that most see on this

but I see a big brick wall . I also see one if others put it up .

Mirror Neurons . I love the things .

These are the part of the brain that interpreters the image they remember and the image you see

and feel .

Its being proven with mirror neurons that if a person is relaying information to you about

tearing a piece of paper in half . You will also relate to that vision or image set .

Its believed at this stage science is still yet to prove beyond 100% in humans that,

Even a person that Never torn a piece of paper before , Can relate to the information sent .

As-so they too had torn the paper .

So guard your thoughts .

Well guard them unless you know that your Thoughts, Feelings and Outward Actions are

that of good . Isn’t this what we are learning .

its about treating a person with a common respect .

If someone is kind to you be kind to them .

I live with the rule of im even kind to mean people .

Or I just don’t have them around .

You will find that if your a nice person with no issues, Well balanced and Intent on living

life to the Fullest . You have plenty of friends .

So you don’t need to be around the ugly types that have a Fake Mask on .

We all know What kind they are .

I have had many in my past and I know how to identify them so I side step them .

This we learn by discovering self .
  • As you grow your inner light grows .
  • Your shine will be a beacon, unto all .
  • Some may be good, some may be bad .
  • But all those who come need you .

The best response is to embrace them in love, and let them warm up

Sometimes a damaged person comes across as a Bad


Remember pure love and light shows the ugly.

And reflects the beauty of the soul within .


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