Chakras and auras


Today we will be working on understanding and opening chakras.

And I will admit there are a lot of people that could say that this is wrong teaching stating about God in the same post as about chakras. at this point I will remind you , God created the humain being as a body for the spirit . he put the  pineal gland in and the energy centres know as chakras

For many years we have known the existence of the chakras, now the scientific community is jumping on board with there new style of understanding. Which explains that the chakras are the main part of our energy dispersal system, that have many functions as God in all his amazing creativity has utilized many parts of the human body as a multi task system. The first function that the chakras do is control our aura.

Some believe that the human aura is a figment of the imagination.

Well i can put that one to bed straight away, as i have developed a device that does in fact pick up on the electric conductivity of the human aura.

Yes i did just say that.

The aura is an electromagnetic field that is completely around the body. Like another layer of skin, but very different. It has many layers and has many functions. A well trained practitioner can pull there aura in or push it out at will, the act of pulling it in or out can be useful for various uses.

If i pull it in, in a shopping center my empathic abilities can be nullified for that period of time. This allows me to not feel everybody else’s energy. this can leave you cold and  dissociative.

There is another way . its called the armour of God . it took me many years to understand  this as the best . but now use it daily.  If you’re a person that feels good when you enter a shopping center but like crap or sad upon leaving or during your time there for no apparent reason, chances are u need this ability. That is just one thing you can do with your aura. But back to the chakras.

When you start working in visual meditation, I find that it helps to start with visualizing each of the chakras. And then drawing A single cord of silver light up from the base also known as the root

Chakra, and through each one until you have it running through all 7. At this stage you should be feeling the crown chakra activated.

Chakras of the body. There are 7 Chakras starting from Root and finishing at the Crown
chakras of the body. there are 7 Chakras starting from root and finishing at the crown

Once you have done this you can then work on your ebb and flow.

This is important, as energy must flow to work.

We are not like batteries that hold energy we are more like lights that utilize energy for a function.

When we actively open our chakras the energy flow in our being amplifies.

Practitioners that can view the aura state that when some one has opened the energy centers in the body there auras will increase in light density.

There is a simple way to view this,
  • Must be done with another person .
  • First you must stand them in front of a white wall,
  • Stepping back about 6 to 10 feet first settle your gaze on the center of there face,
  • Then once you are looking at the centre allow your vision to go slightly outta wack(like how you would look at the hidden 3d pictures from the 90s).
  • Once you have done this you should be able to see a faint light that is completely around the person.
  • This is there aura.

Now after a little practice you will start to notice everybody’s auras.

We can be pillars of light

To the people around us

The ones that guide

And save our loved ones

Are you ready?

I know I am.


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