Breaking the chains

In this section we are going to be looking at Energy Flow.

This is a very important part of our understanding of self. Once we know about the

functions of the body and attribute these functions to the charkas then we can start to heal

ourselves from the inside .

I’m a big believer of That the only way to not have broken adults is to create unbroken

  • children.

Unfortunately there are so many Broken Adults around these days that its almost seemingly

impossible to create an environment that wont create a Broken Child but thats another book

entirely .

What we are working on here is Breaking the Chains of our past pains , Fears and worries .

So that we can heal ourselves first and foremost.

If we first learn to Heal Self, As we also Can Heal others.

We must first break the chains of the

When we decide to change our lives for the better we must break the chains of our past
When we decide to change our lives for the better we must break the chains of our past

understandings that hold a Door Way to the Heart.

These are Bad things That have happened in our

lives That we hold on to for some Crazy reason .

I admit I have done this in the past and its hard to

let go of things .

I know I totally get it .

Meditation Helps it truly does .

My middle daughter is a typical 9 year old girl that

thinks shes little miss and when she comes to my

place likes to throw tantrums .This has being going

on for a while now and I had tried everything .

Of course to No avail until.

I taught her about breathing exercises . And yoga .

Meditation .

She still has little melt downs on occasion but so far . She is starting to show a change .

Even after the first time of getting them to do the calm down proses which is
  • 1 Breath in , Breath out
  • 2 Breath in , Breath out
  • 3 Breath in , Breath out
  • And so on until 10 .

Make sure you just count and get them to follow you while you do the Breathing .

Personally I find it helps me move on from the bad energies that I felt while my ear

drums were popping also.

After a while the child learns that self settling thing all the “Baby and me” type books

always talk about .

All of this counts in a massive way . If we don’t learn to let go of things it all gets built up as

thoughts in our head . Over a million single tiny memories of all the bad things we think that

we have gotten past but haven’t really forgotten.

We Just managed to cover over the pain with drinking , food or many of the other thousand

ways we find to dis-way us from letting go .

This is one of the biggest saddening things I see in this current time and place of the planet .

We are all hurt by so-many things . But forget that all those things do is continue to hurt us .

They get louder however . And they yell over each other . And they blind us from our true

nature .

Because all we see at the end of the day is the anger or the bad or the pain that others have

done to us . And when we lay in bed alone and listen to our own thoughts for a while . We

cant sleep . We cant do anything except think of that bad thing that happened 20 years ago in

high school .

And that shit has being rattling around in your brain sucking up vital Ram. That could be

used on learning a language or for me learning how to spell.

Forgive and forget

Forgive and forget This is the rule . When I was 25 I went to my parents and told them that

as a teenager I never listened to them . If they told me I couldn’t or shouldn’t do it , Thats it I

was doing it . Pure and simple . I’m sure that my dad used reverse psychology on me on more

than one occasion.

I was the classic put a KEEP OUT sign on it

I was already in there

But I went to them and explained it to them and told them that they are NOT to blame I was

the one that made my choices . So I’m asking them for forgiveness for blaming them all

these years when all they wanted was me to listen and do right instead of . What ever it was

that I did .

What about the people that we cant talk to . What about the people we need to forgive .

There are a few and they are all relatively quick and easy .

But my favourite and is tried and tested .

Is to raise your hand  open palmed . picture the pain as a small ball of energy.

and ask Gods angels to take it away and fill that empty spot with love .

In my observations it works well


Find a crystal . One that you don’t mind throwing away.

I prefer citrine as it tends to have a hight capacity for light energy

relax with it in your right hand

connect to your thoughts . Like connecting to your my documents on PC .

Now don’t think of all your unhappy thoughts , but connect to them. Kinda like doing a

file search on your PC browser . Search “Bad Energies”

Now collect all those bad energies and place them in the universal Trans-muter .

This thing is awesome don’t ask me how it works I have no knowledge on how . But all

I know is that energy comes back in clean love and understanding .

Now feel the love that comes back . Its be leaved that when you do this . That the light

comes back 7 fold .

So enjoy that but put a 7 th of that energy into the crystal just the same as copy and

paste on your PC .

This is your tiny little gift to all .

Take it to a flowing body of water . I find the beach to be a good one . As it has a

mighty ebb and flow plus its salt . Salt is good for spirit . R ember that for other


And throw it in . Let go ,

Break the Chains .

And live …..


2 thoughts on “Breaking the chains”

    1. When it comes to breaking the chains .
      I find that if you evaluate your life , and let go of all angers and pain towards your past .
      I know forgiveness is a hard thing to do at times . But its always the best path to take to find inner peace.

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